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E08-AdvanceLevel- Data Privacy

Episode title: Data Privacy Level: Advance Duration: ۰۰:۰۵:۲۴ The digital age has brought unprecedented access to information and new online services. And in exchange, people have proven very willing to provide personal information and to have their online activities monitored. But is it worth it? What do you think? Listen to this episode to discuss. [pods …

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E16-IntermediateLevel-English for Administrative Assistants (Part 2)

Episode title: English for Administrative Assistants (Part 2) Level: Intermediate Duration: ۰۰:۱۹:۲۳ Collocations are a challenge for anyone learning English. There aren’t any specific rules to follow. You just have to listen for what sounds right. Still, they’re essential for English communication and important to keep in mind when you learn new vocabulary – don’t just …

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E15-IntermediateLevel-English for Administrative Assistants (Part 1)

Episode title: English for Administrative Assistants (Part 1) Level: Intermediate Duration:00:17:14 Collocations are groups of words that are commonly used together. Native speakers are so used to using them, they know what sounds “right” and what sounds “wrong.” You’ll hear lots of collocations related to office life in today’s dialog. Now, on to the role …

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E15-BeginnerLevel-Things we can’t leave home without

Episode title: Things we can’t leave home without Level: Beginner Duration:00:14:46 What are the items that you can’t leave home without? Have you ever thought about it? That’s the topic of conversation in this beginner episode. Join our hosts as they talk slowly and naturally about the items that are a big deal to leave …

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E07-AdvanceLevel-Conflict Resolution (2)

Episode title: Conflict Resolution (2) Level: Advance Duration: ۰۰:۲۰:۵۲ Conflict happens. There’s no way around it. But not everyone has the same attitude toward conflict. Some people run from it, or refuse to even admit it exists. Other people acknowledge it but simply hope it goes away on its own. And some people are able to …

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E14-IntermediateLevel-Taking a Message

Episode title: Taking a Message Level: Intermediate Duration: ۰۰:۱۴:۴۲ In this lesson, we’ll focus on taking a message. Today, we’re going to look at how to take a message. Have you ever missed a telephone message? Or have you received a message that didn’t contain the necessary information? If so, then you understand how important it …

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E13-IntermediateLevel-Answering a Call

Episode title: Answering a Call Level: Intermediate Duration: ۰۰:۱۵:۲۰ Today we’re talking about using the telephone in English. This is something we all do, but we don’t all do well. Talking on the telephone has become an extremely important part of business. You need to be able to answer a call professionally and create a good …

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E13-BeginnerLevel-First Jobs

Episode title: First Jobs Level: Beginner Duration: ۰۰:۱۵:۵۱ First jobs aren’t usually glamorous, but they can make for some interesting stories! What was your first job? Join Andrew and Morag in this beginner episode as they discuss their first experiences in the working world and some of the surprising ways their jobs worked out for them. …

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